All your and your loved ones’ medical information, doctor’s appointments, and medication administration records in your pocket — anywhere, anytime.

Life is busy, and coordinating healthcare for yourself and your loved one’s can be exhausting! In between giving mom her daily pills, taking the kids to the dentist, and sticking to your physical therapy regimen, how do you keep track of it all? That’s where the MRT free mobile medical records tracker app comes in.

MRT is a FREE medical alert app that allows you to securely store and organize medical records, medication schedules, and doctors’ appointments for yourself and others – all from your mobile phone.

MRT allows you to spend less time managing appointments and medication schedules and more time enjoying the life your health enables.

Never miss another medical appointment

Keep track of appointments for as many people as you need! Whether you’re coordinating medical visits for patients, family members, friends, yourself, or all of the above – MRT’s Appointment Calendar makes it easy. Just update the calendar when you schedule an appointment, and it will automatically remind you where you need to be before the time comes.

  • Simple medical alert app reminders
  • Integration with your mobile calendar
  • Doctor’s office addresses and phone numbers
  • Appointment notes to track follow-up

Knowledge is power

You don’t have to memorize your family’s medical history anymore. Instead, you can create accounts for yourself and your family members. Keep detailed records, special notes, medical advice, upcoming appointment information, meds reminders and more all in one place.

  • Unique profiles for each account user
  • Consolidated appointment information
  • Detailed records of medical advice

The companion to your pillbox

Store detailed information about the meds you’re currently taking and have taken in the past. Set medication schedules to ensure pills and other meds are taken on time every time. Add notes about dosages, side effects, and other relevant info.

  • Detailed medication administration records
  • Pain-saving custom notes (think: “No food after the blue pill”)
  • Synchronized medication scheduling

No more lost documents and piles of paperwork

Just snap a photo of any medical administration record, prescription, or other important documentation to store it securely on your phone. Organize your files in customizable folders and link them to calendar updates and other relevant info for easy reference.

  • Consolidated documentation for multiple people
  • Integration with your phone camera
  • Custom organization and search options
  • Optimal security for your medical records

The Medical Alert App You’ve Been Waiting For


“Will my medical records be safe?” They have never been safer! MRT is serious about the security of your documents. That’s why the app operates completely offline. Unlike most medical history apps, what you upload to MRT stays between you and your phone.


Always have your medical records when and where you need them. With MRT, confirming your patients’ blood types, checking medication schedules, looking up the dermatologist’s phone number, or reviewing the results of your last appointment are all just a click away.


You don’t need to be tech-savvy to make the most of the MRT free mobile medical records tracker app! Our intuitive user interface makes it easy to add information and documents, set appointments, and monitor medications. We designed this medical alert app to be simple and fun to use.


Finally, all the medical information you need in one centralized place! MRT allows you to store and organize records for the whole family, multiple patients, and/or residents under your care. Birthdays, blood types, BMI, allergies, medications, medical conditions, scans – its all there, down to the last detail.

The Medical Alert App You’ve Been Waiting For


Contact info


Document scans


Medical history app

Doctors appointments

Photos and x-rays

The Go-To Medication Administration Record for Everyone

An apple a day or not, we all know that managing appointments, records, and medications is crucial to keeping ourselves, our families, and/or our patients healthy.

That’s why we built MRT – the free mobile medical records tracker app that helps you take charge of your and your loved ones’ healthcare and medical information.

Download it free today!

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